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Bonjour! I’m Dominique…

… a California girl by birth, and Parisienne by choice. In 2018, I moved from San Francisco to Paris with my husband and 2-year old son to chase our “someday” dream of living in France.

I’ve long been a francophile, so moving to Paris has taken my obsession with French life to next-level heights. I like to think of myself as France’s #1 unofficial, unpaid travel ambassador ;) Every chance I get, I’m playing tourist in my city, scoping out hidden gems, plotting the perfect itinerary for visiting friends and generally promoting France as the dream destination. Because, duh, it is (and if you’ve landed on this page, you probably don’t need convincing!)

Wannabe Francaise was created for my fellow francophiles and anyone who wants to experience France like a local. Here you’ll find travel tips, sample itineraries, and random musings about la vie francaise— the people, places, and sultry lifestyle that inspire me every day.

In addition to being Wannabe Francaise, I’m also a: mom, marketer, natural wine enthusiast, improvisational chef, thrift shopper, snail mail advocate, and ever-aspiring morning person (café cremes help). 

I hope you find some inspiration, borrowed wisdom, or at least some virtual camaraderie here. 

Thanks for visiting!

xo, dominique